Digital Media in Italia

Un'iniziativa per interrogarci sul ruolo dell'Italia
e per programmare il nostro futuro trials

Digital Media in Italia ( is an interdisciplinary, open, not-for-profit group whose members are company, institution, association representatives and professionals. Its objective is

To define action areas that enable Italy to acquire a primary role in the exploitation of the global “digital media” pjenomenon

In December 2007 has published its proposal to reach's objective by maximiing the flow of digital media while considering the  requirements of

and acting upon the offer/access modalities to

The proposal contains specific solutions for content (iDrm), broadband networks (iNet) and payment/cash services (iPay), corroborated by  proposals of legilsative interventions and governance.

iDRM is based on the Chillout® code released by the Digital Media Project (DMP) with the Mozilla v.1.1 Open Source software licence. The iPay code is under development and will be released with the same licence. has a program of trials, in particular