Digital Media in Italia

Un'iniziativa per interrogarci sul ruolo dell’Italia
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 Proposal of actions to give Italy a leading position in “digital media”

(Executive Summary in English)

In this first document published by Digital Media in Italia ( we put forward a proposal designed to maximise the flow of digital media[1] in Italy. If implemented, the proposal could help bring about the full benefits promised by digital convergence and contribute to make Italy a model for the sector.

We identify three areas requiring intervention: content distribution and consumption, broadband network and online payments systems. For each area the document points to specific lines of action, analyses its technological, economical and legislative/regulatory aspects, and highlights its potential advantages to the national community.

The proposal is based on two principles: (i) preserving a correct competition dynamics in the relevant markets. This includes maintaining the operators' broadest freedom as to the most convenient technological solutions and (ii) facilitating the broadest fruition of content and services by all citizens. This includes selecting suitable access and interoperability criteria and protecting them with appropriate regulatory and consensus-seeking action.

Such criteria are expressed as follows: 

We believe that the coordinated implementation of this proposal can lead to a stronger and more advanced national market for production, distribution and consumption of digital content.

 The implementation of this proposal requires the development of an operational plan. To achieve this we envisage the need for a national forum comprising representatives of all social, governmental and economic components in the country. We also anticipate that additional economic and legislative/regulatory interventions may be required.

[1] In this document we call "digital media" content that is expressed by digital tecnologies, that can be transported over digital networks and can be processed by programmable devices


Released with Creative Commons licence Attribution - Non commercial 2.5
15 September 2006